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Project Land Rover DEFENDER

Dale Smith contacted me in August 2021 about a project he and his sons were considering:   restoring a tired 1990’s Land Rover Defender.

They had a vision in mind as to how it was to look.


Fast forward to November 2021 and the car was now in the shop. The repair of most of the sanding and dents had been attempted by Dale and his sons.  I finished them off – the sanding and the dents, not the boys.


Masking up and  priming were next.

Doors were now fitted and the body was repainted with two colours; Gloss Black and Corris Grey by Land Rover.


Next, added big wheels and LED headlights and we’ve finally got a truly awesome ride.

Added a few extras and the project was finished by the end of December 2021.






Ready for a FUN SUMMER.

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