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If you're into cars or any automotive vehicle for that matter, you have got to check out Advanced Auto Refinishers. I called Andrew, the owner of the shop and discussed that I would like to have a spoiler painted in a particular way, fitted and installed. A pleasant phone call with crystal clear instructions of the ballpark figure of the job, booking time, drop off and pick up. I was told to drop the car off at 8AM in the morning, which I did and met Andrew. He took the car and told me roughly when to come back to pick it up (around mid day). Surprisingly, he managed to complete the job well before mid day and exceeded my expectations when I arrived at the shop and saw the completed job. The spoiler was professionally painted, fitted and installed. He told me what he had done, the steps and products used. Advanced Auto Refinishers was highly recommended by my mechanic. As someone that is based in Auckland and the shop in Warkworth, DO NOT let the distance sway you as the service they give you is so outstanding.

Lon H

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Andy Lyman at Advanced Auto Refinishers has now painted two classic Citroen’s for me. A 1956 2CV and a 1980 GSA. The 2CV was a ground up restoration. Andy made a swan out of an ugly duckling with his unmatched attention to every detail from the chassis paint to the seat frames. Insisting on seam sealing every possible crevice to ensure rust protection and a durable finish. That same attention to detail was applied recently to the GSA which looks like a new vehicle now. I couldn’t be more proud of both cars. I’m happy to recommend Andy to anyone contemplating the proper completion of an Auto Restoration.

Kevin Beeby

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